Types of Trucking Industry Jobs

The trucking industry is more than just truck drivers.

Posted on June 21, 2022

Every day the trucking industry keeps modern society moving forward. Trucking industry jobs touch all aspects of the economy, every business, and every home. These critical roles are filled by the silent, but essential, heroes of the supply chain. As the classic saying goes, "If you bought it, a trucker brought it."

Believe it or not, truck driver jobs are only one of many types of jobs in the trucking industry. Truck drivers and other trucking industry workers manage and execute the delivery of raw materials, manufactured goods, and equipment across the world from mines to manufacturing factories to retail stores to your house.

All of us survive and thrive using a fraction of the time and energy needed by our ancestors as a direct result of these hard working people. There are a wide variety of essential workers across different work environments that help make all this happen.

The four main trucking industry work environments are The Road, The Shop, The Warehouse, and The Office.

Work On The Road

The most popular types of jobs in the trucking industry are jobs on the road. These are also in highest demand by trucking companies. These road-based jobs require long hours in a truck, a high level of alertness, and a commercial drivers license (CDL). There is a constant high demand for truck drivers all over the world.

  • Truck Driving Jobs

    • There are many different types of truck driving jobs. You may think that all truck drivers are doing the same job. But that's not true. Yes, all truckers drive trucks, but their actual jobs and skills required can be very different depending on what they are hauling, the equipment they are using to haul their loads, and where they are hauling it.

  • CDL Instructor Jobs

  • Delivery Driver Jobs

Work in The Shop

Keeping all those millions of trucks moving everyday takes a lot of repair and maintenance shops filled with skilled mechanics and technicians. Similar to truck driving jobs, these shop jobs are in high demand.

  • Diesel Mechanic Jobs / Diesel Technician Jobs

  • Entry-level technician Jobs

  • Assistant Mechanic Jobs

  • Oil and Fluid Change Technician Jobs

  • Air Conditioning and Heating Mechanic Jobs

  • Electrical System Specialist Jobs

  • Battery Mechanic Jobs

  • Tire Repair Technician Jobs

  • Service Manager Jobs

  • Sales Associate Jobs

  • Vehicle Inspector Jobs

Work in The Warehouse

At some point in the life of a manufactured good or material, it probably spent time in a warehouse before being shipped off to its next destination. Warehouse jobs involve a lot of physical labor including lifting heavy things and driving a forklift. The warehouse management jobs require less physical work and involved making sure the warehouse is running efficiently. Warehouse jobs of all kinds are also in very high demand.

  • Entry-Level Labor Jobs

  • Forklift Driver Jobs / Lift Truck Jobs / Industrial Truck Operator Jobs / Powered Industrial Truck Jobs

  • Truck Loader Jobs

  • Shipping and Receiving Clerk Jobs / Material Recording Clerk Jobs

  • Inspector / Packer Jobs

  • Production Worker Jobs

  • Warehouse Stocker Jobs

  • Shift Manager Jobs

  • Material Handler / Material Mover Jobs

  • Material Moving Machine Operator Jobs

  • Assembly Technician Jobs

  • Receiving Manager Jobs

  • Shipping Supervisor Jobs

  • Production Manager Jobs

  • Warehouse Process Engineer Jobs

  • Facilities Manager Jobs

  • Distribution Center Manager

Work in The Office

Trucking companies with several trucks, and other companies that use trucks as part of their daily business, all share one thing in common: they're being run from an office headquarters somewhere. The office workers in the trucking industry are the dispatchers, sales reps, and business admins work. Depending on the company there could be many more roles involved in making sure the trucks have something to pick up, and somewhere to drop it off.

  • Trucking Dispatcher Jobs

  • Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Manager Jobs

  • Logistician Jobs / Logistics Coordinator Jobs

  • Logistics Manager Jobs

  • Logistics Analyst Jobs

  • Fleet Manager Jobs

  • Freight Broker Jobs

  • Traffic Admin Jobs / Scheduling Coordinator Jobs

  • Supply Manager Jobs

  • Buyer Jobs / Purchasing Agent Jobs

  • Purchasing Manager Jobs

  • Safety Admin Jobs

  • Contract Manager Jobs

  • Operations Analyst Jobs

  • Landman Jobs

  • Procurement Manager Jobs

  • Commodity Manager Jobs

  • Manager Analyst Jobs

  • Configuration Manager Jobs

  • Supply Chain Manager Jobs

  • Director Of Operations Jobs

  • Sourcing Manager Jobs

  • Chief Operating Officer Jobs

  • Vice President of Supply Chain Jobs

  • Office Manager Jobs / Office Administrator Jobs

  • Data Entry Jobs

  • Receptionist Jobs

  • Human Resources Jobs

  • Executive Assistant Jobs

  • Accounting Jobs

  • Customer Service Jobs

  • Sales Representative Jobs

  • Sales Manager Jobs

The past few years have shown the world how critical our supply chain is to modern society. Our global economy depends heavily on efficient shipping and receiving operations at a massive scale. If you're interested in being a part of the largest network of human cooperation that's ever existed, you may enjoy a career in the trucking industry.